Birth control itself may not be funny, but at least the ads for the Bedsider information site are.

I have recommended the Planned Parenthood “My Method” tool as a good place to search for a contraceptive that will work well for you.  Another site that has good information that is tailored to individual needs is  Their “Method Explorer” page provides filters that allow you to isolate methods by everything from their effectiveness to how well they can be used while drunk.

If you are looking for a contraceptive (or looking to change your method), their page is definitely worth a visit.  But whether you need birth control or not, your should watch Bedsider’s PSAs.

Here is  “Awkward Times”  from 2011. It is accompanied by a charming song in French.  I don’t understand French, which doesn’t seem to matter:

Bedsider just released a new series of PSAs aimed at African American women in their teens and twenties.  Here is “Grandma,” my personal favorite:

Now, whenever I make biscuits, I will have an entirely new perspective.  You didn’t think feminists made homemade biscuits?  This one does.

Roo Ciambriello at Adweek says the new PSAs make her cringe because one of them says the word vagina a lot. You can view the cringe-worthy ad here (can’t see it on a mobile device–flash only), where Tom Megginson, who doesn’t even have a vagina, thinks the ad is great.

Watch for a future post with some really intense vagina humor.  And give some love to the lady bits in your life.  There’s a lot to be thankful for there.


Update: The promised Vagina Humor post